PRESENTING PARTNER: Pasadena Arts Council

Capacity is limited. We are offering limited priority seating, please RSVP to reserve guaranteed admission. Limit 2 per person. The remaining seats are offered on a first come, first served basis. 

OFFING - CHRIS DUNCAN 4OFFING is the moniker for sound explorations by Oakland California based artist Chris Duncan. After a decade of functioning primarily as a visual artist, recent years have found Duncan applying learned behaviors in image making to sound works. The open ended, often improvised, compositions are a sonic equivalent to his paintings- what you hear are slowly built atmospheres that are the accumulation of simple gestures, looped and layered to the point of transcendence.

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VIRONSVirons is the project of experimental sound and visual artist Nicholas Rossi. Working in Los Angeles, performances often display the act of sonic exploration through static movement. The surrounding environment is unique to the progression of long form, and prepared improvisational techniques. Performance elements include the granular process of field recordings, magnetic tape manipulation, and evolving architecture of concrète sounds by means of modern synthesis.

Sphaerae will present the debut of the audio/visual performance of Endostasis: a long form composition for prepared sound and synthesizer, based upon slow movement and growth. Layers of sound evolve and envelop into the final phase of development, and internal progression.