PRESENTING PARTNER: Pasadena Arts Council

Julie Tolentino: Shatter + Center

Shatter + Center is a collection of untethered yet hive-minded provocateurs in noise, movement, performance and voice.

Join us in an afternoon of multi-layered improvisation: sonic subterfuge, unguarded movement spectacle, sweat, sensual collisions – a vibrational ecstatic immersion. Lay down or move with us within the Sphæræs golden hue of light to witness this singular, one-of-a-kind afternoon assembled by Julie Tolentino with Matanoise.

1:30-2:30pm       Vibration Bodies All

2:30pm                 Device Explosives Bodies Shift

3:30pm++           Bodies Penetrate: Shatter + Noise All



Julie Tolentino invites cross-disciplinary artists Nick Duran, taisha paggettPigpen/Stosh Fila, Pony Lee EstrangeGeneva Skeen, John Burtall,  and special guest experimental sound artists  Patrick Murch & Maria Garcia/MataNoise, Tamaki Ueda, William Hutson, Nial Morgan for an afternoon to explore and move within each other’s practices, head space, bodies to and for and because of the Sphæræ.


Julie Tolentino’s practice explores the private/public exploration of movement, sound, text, duration performance and improvisation with radicals such as the artists invited to S+C, Meg Stuart, Lovett/Codagnone, Kelly & Gerrard, Ron Athey, Diamanda Galas, Vaginal Creme Davis, Aaron Bradford Turner, Faith Collocia, Robert Crouch, David Rousseve, Catherine Opie, CANDIDATE and many others. She is co-editor of TDR Journal and has been presented by Commonwealth and Council, New Museum, Participant Inc, The Kitchen, Performa 2005, and 2013, House of World Cultures Berlin, NYU Abu Dhabi, High Desert Test Sites, Theaterworks Singapore, UCLA WAC and Performance Studies, NYU Women & Performance, PSi Stanford, Walker Arts Center, amongst many others. She offers artist workshops and aquatic/land bodywork modalities and hosts the FERAL HOUSE*STUDIO residence in the Mohave Desert.

Visit Julie Tolentino’s website:


taisha paggett’s work includes individual and collaborative investigations for the stage, gallery and public sphere, which question the body, agency, and the phenomenology of race and gender. she’s on the dance faculty at UC Riverside and is co-instigator of itch journal.

Visit taisha paggett’s website here


Nick Duran is a dance artist based in Los Angeles. In addition to his classes and workshops at Pieter, he teaches at UCLA’s Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance and Loyola Marymount University. Recently his work has been presented by the Hammer Museum, REDCAT, Highways, and SOMArts, in San Francisco, and he has performed works by Jérôme Bel, Rafa Esparza, Gerard & Kelly, and Julie Tolentino.


John Burtall is a living artist who greatly enjoys to make work with other people, and alone.  She has been a central member of The Eternal Telethon, a webcast variety show raising support to start an artist retirement home, as well as the Chinatown freeform radio station KCHUNG. John also likes doing performances on the 83 LA Metro Bus, making paintings, sending postcards, and hosting exhibitions in the tattooed rectangle on his forearm.


Pony Lee Estrange is the proprietor of Folklore Gallery and creates and performs in venues in Los Angeles.


Stosh Fila aka Pigpen has worked in performance, live and for camera, since the early 90’s, featured in works by Ron Athey, Catherine Opie, Dan Winters, Julie Tolentino and several others. S/he is a scenic artist living in Los Angeles.


Geneva Skeen is an artist in Los Angeles exploring the relationship between emotion and memory using methods including performance, sound, text, public space, and improvisation.



Japanese sound artist, Tamaki Ueda, creates hauntingly beautiful noise-scapes as a connecting point between the audience and the yokai, Japanese term for ghost. Under the moniker Banetoriko she plays homemade metal instruments of cranks and springs that create piercing high siren drones and heavy low bass frequencies.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Tamaki also performs with the groups Insuu Bunkai and Kudo-Gitsune.

Visit Tamaki Ueda’s website here:


Improviser, composer, collaborator; William Hutson, works with noise and experimental sound blending serene melodic elements with sputtering crackles/ long repetitive clicks/ empty hiss. His use of silence and negative space within his pieces creates an intentional environment. William performs as Rale and is a member of the group clipping.

Visit William Huston’s website here:


Using junk metal, found objects, and simple electronics to portray abstractly sincere scenes of discontent, boredom, passion, perversion, and emptiness; Nial Morgan is innovative and precise in process and presentation. Heavy breathing, distant hits + squeaks, the sound of being dragged by a truck. He performs solo as Wrong Hole and Soggy Serge and in collaborative projects Unmanned, Cockerel and Unica.

Visit Nial Morgan’s website here:


Using long form loops + intentional movement Maria Garcia creates raw body noise. Working with contact mics/ broken glass/ decayed wood she creates sound through action and non-action. Moving towards stillness. Residing in Los Angeles, she performs in collaborative projects Unica andBronze Eye. Co-Founder/ curator of Mata Gallery.

Visit Maria Garcia’s website here:


Using the concepts and actions of breaking and rebuilding to form the basis of his noise works, Patrick Murch creates blunt and scattered pieces using junk and simple electronics as sound sources. Residing in Los Angeles, he performs solo as the Pig Lady and Sissisters, and with Maria Garcia in Bronze Eye. Co-Founder/ curator of Mata Gallery.

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