pFp-wcPN_UrSYAJ0M_Xsfwe99RVuQ9Gje-ZKVO3MFNo,ZgTI8rVpz_83ZbzaKZYhhwmjWQy67PHWFtMrvxTICDwAlice is bored.

She’s a new grad genius in spintronics and marionetting on a tour of Telcach, and it’s all ‘blah-blah-blah’, until WB, a manic Phd candidate, drags her down a wormhole to the underbelly of the campus. Logic and reality lose ground as she gets caught in the battle between the Queen of Funding and the Dark Prince of Future Science.

Dead Scientists, Time Loops, the Cheshire Chimp and Tweedle X & Y . . . Will she ever get out?

Or will she decide to stay?

A work-in-progress of a wild, original new conception of Alice within the universe of Caltech.

Writer and Composer: Brenda Varda –
with Tiffany Kim, Doug Smith, Ben Sveinbjornsson, Steve Collins, Penelope Chan, Ben Solish, Giulia Pelligrino & Carol Elaine

Additional Cast: Larrissa Carusangavej, Holly Bender, Brian Brophy, Amit Lakhanpal

Suggested donation $20 to support the development of our new musical

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